SERF-1 Sample magnetometer

Field sensitivity 200 aT/Hz1/2
Dipole sensitivity 4 × 10–17 A m2
Sample size < 1 cm diameter
Excitation frequency 10–20 Hz

SERF-1 is a general-purpose benchtop laboratory instrument for measuring the magnetism of samples. All three components of the magnetic field are obtained by mechanical excitation of a sample. With dipole sensitivity of 4 × 10–17 A m2 (10 second integration time), this system is significantly more sensitive than the best SQUID sensors. This instrument is ideally suited for paleomagnetism studies that are up against the limits of existing SQUID-based sensors. With the sample tube removed, the sensing surface can be used to measure a variety of other weak magnetic signals such many biomagnetic sources and the spin domain noise of magnetic materials.