SAM-1 Reference scalar magnetometer

Sensitivity 200 fT/Hz1/2
Bandwidth 100 Hz
Sensor dimensions ⌀3.8 cm × 15 cm
Power 14 W
Heading error ±3 nT
Dead zone ±15 deg off sensor axis

Twinleaf's first scalar magnetometer has excellent sensitivity in a compact, fiber-coupled package. The high sensitivity is achieved using a higher density of atoms to make the magnetic field measurement. Outstanding features include:

  • All-optical, fiber-coupled sensors for lower interference, application flexibility.
  • Sophisticated and fast digital signal processing.
  • Polarimetric measurement of atom spin.
  • Modern semiconductor lasers.

SAM-1 has no excitation coils that may cause interference in gradiometer applications. There is also no transverse dead zone, providing greater operational flexibility. To utilize the very low noise floor of these sensors, multiple units may be combined using a synchronization cable to form high-order gradiometer systems.

SAM-1 is presently suited for use a as a reference magnetometer in laboratory settings.